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2192024 SISTERS 3 IN 1 TP VOL 2

2192024 SISTERS 3 IN 1 TP VOL 2

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First, in “Selfie Awareness,” it’s vacation time and Maureen’s desperate for fun while Wendy just wants to relax! A family boat trip is just what they need. Then, in “M.Y.O.B.,” big sister Wendy is living the dream! Her school is organizing a grand ball with beautiful gowns and best of all: no annoying little sisters! But Maureen has her dancing shoes on and will get her last dance at any means possible. And, in “Hurricane Maureen,” when THE SISTERS pack their bags to go on a cross-country family vacation to see Mount Rushmore and the Grand Canyon, they find that their best behavior might leave a bit to be desired.

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