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1292024 SWAN SONGS TP (MR)

1292024 SWAN SONGS TP (MR)

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W. MAXWELL PRINCE(ICE CREAM MAN) continues to push the comics envelope withSWAN SONGS—a moving, multi-artist anthology that explores the way things END…and also how they never really do.The End of the World.The End of a Marriage.The End of Eden.The End of a Sentence. The End of Anhedonia.…Even The End of the Sidewalk!And along for the terminal ride are some of the industry’s best, brightest artists!MARTIN SIMMONDS(DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH),CASPAR WIJNGAARD(HOMESICK PILOTS),FILIPE ANDRADE(The Many Deaths of LailaStarr),CAITLIN YARSKY (Black Hammer), ALEX ECKMAN-LAWN (renowned collage master), and MARTÍN MORAZZO (ICE CREAM MAN) each contribute a chapter in their respective (and beloved) styles, resulting in a stunning melange of powerful stories that weave their way through death, love, divorce, crime, therapy, and language itself.All things come to a close; these are the SWAN SONGS.Collects SWAN SONGS #1-6

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